Written by
D.L. Duncan & B. Langlinais


It’s a thousand miles from Nashvegas
The condition of the roads is outrageous
I been drivin’ all day long
Yes my desire so damn strong
Cuz it’s been 50 days since I held my baby tight
It’s Tucumcari tonight

She is my circle round the sun
My one and only only one
My baby called me on the phone
Said she couldn’t stand to be alone
So I’m runnin’ wide open til about mid nite
It's Tucumcari tonite

She gonna be so happy
When I walk thru the door
Gonna love her all nite long
Then love her one time more

My baby knows when I get home
Everything gonna be all right
It’s tucumcari
Tucumcari tonite

Yeah I got them highway 40 blues
Got ‘em deep down in my shoes
Staying clear of the law
Halfway across Arkansas
Cranked and wide awake
And my motors running right
It’s Tucumcari tonight