Written by
D.L. Duncan & B. Langlinais


I was thinking/bout you baby
The way you do the things you do
I always thought you were the queen of soul/With a rock n roll attitude

You showed me how the game is played
And you took me right back to school
You know I never saw it coming baby
Ain’t that a home grown fool
Hey Yeah….

You can say I’m crazy
You can say I’m short a brick or two
You can say I lost my way
But you can’t say I didn’t love you
No you can’t say I didn’t love you.

Ain’t it funny when you’re looking back
Some things just shine so bright
I like to think about the goods times baby
Holdin’ you every night
We had a love people dream about
Girl those days were so sweet
You took me down and you broke my heart
And you never even missed a beat